For all the females out there who have gone through the dramatic process of giving birth and are now at the stage of getting used to caring for their newborn, a luxurious and comfortable product will be a welcome addition at home. Not only appealing to new parents, our maternity range provides comfort and high quality for babies too. If you’re looking for reliability and convenience, there is no better quality than memory foam and in our selection you will find the product you need to help make your life easier.

Inflatable Breastfeeding Pillow
Allowing for easier feeding of your baby, this soft cushion is designed with a flap suitable for the right or left side. It can be transported wherever you need it and will help to relax a hungry baby.

Image of Inflatable Breastfeeding Pillow

Baby Reflux Positioner Mattress

Helping your baby to feel relieved from any stress or discomfort, this mattress will position them comfortably for sleeping, being fed or being changed. It consists of a high quality Coolmax cover, a foam base and for extra support, it includes a top layer of memory foam.

Image of Baby Reflux Positioner Mattress

Memory Foam Double-Sided Baby Feeding Cushion
Designed for comfort and support, this cushion will benefit both the baby and the mother. It can be securely attached to the waist of the parent to reduce the pressure on the baby’s head. In addition, the memory foam cushion is perfect for use after a caesarean section as the lumbar support helps to protect the delicate abdomen area.

Image of Memory Foam Double-Sided Baby Feeding Cushion

Maternity Ripple Foam Cushion
An effective cushion for those who suffer from post-natal pain after giving birth, this cushion is specifically designed to help alleviate the pain. The foam is of a very high density which will give long lasting comfort and support.

Image of Maternity Ripple Foam Cushion

While it is clear that memory foam has many benefits, it is also particularly valuable for maternity use. Helping you relax into motherhood at home, our products will provide you with the comfort you need to enjoy this wonderful phase of life.

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