As a new mother, getting used to a newborn may be a wonderful phase you experience in life but it is also one which comes with many challenges too. To help make your life a little bit easier for parent and newborn, you will find all the essential products you need in our maternity range. Perfect for having on hand around the home, you can choose from a variety of products including memory foam mattresses and breastfeeding pillows to ensure you are gaining the ultimate comfort and support you need.

Each product is made with high quality materials to ensure you and your newborn maintain a healthy lifestyle. In this post, we take a closer look at the properties and benefits of our V-shaped maternity pillow.

Hi there. This is Hedley from CosyCo and today I’ll be talking about our V-shaped pillow. So the pillow comes as standard or in a removable velour cover and we also do a waterproof cover. There’s also an easy zip along the side so you can take it off to wash it at any point.

The pillow is designed to be slept with either in bed to help prop yourself up, or you can use it in an armchair or on the sofa as there’s plenty of uses for them. In general, they’re designed to help support your neck and your upper back and it can also be used to help support the lateral regions as well.

The pillow comes in polyester fibre and it has a two year warranty so it’s great quality, it’s made in the UK and it will keep being supportive for a long time. If you would like more information on the V-shaped pillow, please visit our website

V-Shaped Pillow

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