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Prompt delivery
03rd May 2022

Really good and prompt service

19th April 2022

The wedge pillow arrived very quickly. I would use CosyCo again.

23rd March 2022

No issues. Fast and adequately packaged.

.. I rate this product 5 star.
18th March 2022

The service was first class with my purchase bring delivered the next day

01st March 2022

Easy purchase an quick delivery

01st February 2022

User friendly website, quick delivery, would recommend

Excellent customer service
24th January 2022

Friendly and helpful

Quick and efficient delivery
08th December 2021

Quick and efficient delivery

Couldn't be better
27th November 2021

I ordered this pillow in bed at 0740 because the pillow i had just bought gave me neck ache. CosyCo delivered the new pillow the very next day, before 0900! Royal Mail as well.

Excellent service
14th September 2021

Excellent service from Cosyco … thank you!

Support pillow
09th September 2021

This is my second one! It has helped immensely! Definitely recommend!

Best ever!
08th September 2021

Best pillow for my neck and shoulders. Will buy again!

Pillow review
03rd August 2021

First class service. very prompt response to original request. site easy to use.

CPAP Pillow
30th June 2021

Easy to browse and order with free delivery.

Sleep Apnea pillow
29th June 2021

I have severe sleep apnea and use a CPAP nightly and thought it would be great to get a pillow to help me sleep better with my mask. Unfortunately this doesn't make it any easier and hurts my neck as too high. I'm quite small being a size 8 and not sure if it's meant for a larger person? Wish I'd bought this other pillow I'd seen but was £15 more and a longer waiting time of nearly 3-4 weeks. Waste of money and will have to either order the other pillow or get my husband to cut the memory foam in order for a more comfortable sleep?

06th April 2021

Having suffered with a severe bad neck every day, waking up with headaches and vertigo for over a year, I never thought this would be the answer. Honestly I have had Physio, MRI's etc to find out the problem but no-one could tell me what was wrong. It took me all this time trying different things (mostly painkillers), before I realised it had to be something to do with my pillow. I tried other pillows but they did not support my neck like this pillow. I admit it's not the most comfortable pillow, mainly because I'm a side sleeper but I put up with that for a virtually pain free day. Now I have used it and I can actually do things without my neck and head being the main focus of my day I would pay £100 if I had to.

Excellent product, excellent service.
05th April 2021

Just what I wanted, and the transaction went smoothly. Many thanks.

Great pillow cover
05th March 2021

Great pillow cover. Good, speedy service.

Excellent service/website.
16th February 2021

The site was very easy to understand. Delivery was top notch, and on time. The product comes sealed in thin plastic, so you can try it out, and return if not suited, which is a good idea.

29th January 2021

No need to say more! W

Pressure point cushion
12th January 2021

Very good

Swift service
19th December 2020

Arrived sooner than expected during Xmas period ❤️

I don't get it!
03rd December 2020

I have been looking for a suitable front sleeper pillow for ages as I find it difficult to fall asleep in a different position, but I get neck ache and find it hard to get comfortable - especially when sharing a bed with my boyfriend (when space is restricted). I did a fair bit of research and I was curious to try this pillow because in the description it appeared to fulfil all my requirements. The reality was very different. Firstly, I had to commit to keeping the pillow before trying it properly as the minute I opened the plastic wrapping it was non-returnable. I've tried it for a few nights and I just don't get it! The wedge at the bottom edge means your neck is in a very uncomfortable position and mine is still hurting from using it a few nights ago. You can't really turn it around as it has a zipper and various labels sticking out on the side. It isn't comfortable whether I'm on my front, side or back. It doesn't feel like it gives any support. In the description it sounded as though it came in its own case, but it needs another case and there are none available on the website in the correct size and as it's not a regular size it's difficult to get one elsewhere. It was quite expensive, considering, and it's not a time where I can afford to waste money (or lose sleep)! I really can't imagine anyone being able to sleep on in it comfortably or without their neck becoming stiff and painful from the angle. I definitely wouldn't recommend it and would send it back immediately if I could. :(

Very quick
25th November 2020

the mattress topper came within 2 days and the delivery is free.

17th November 2020

It is the first time I have used this company. I had no problems. Product as described very pleased with it.

16th November 2020

quick and without a hitch

very good
10th November 2020

very good

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