if you are working from home and experiencing back discomfort whilst sitting we have a fantastic solution. Coccyx cushions are renowned for their comfort. While they provide many benefits such as pain relief and improvement of posture, they are also designed for gentle support for the skeletal spine. Although many of you may be aware of the clinical benefits of coccyx cushions, these are only effective when they are used correctly. So to make sure you are gaining the most from these cushions, follow this simple guide on how to use them!

Image of Memory Foam Coccyx Support Cushion

Choose The Right One For You

It’s easy to assume that all coccyx cushions will provide you with the support you need, however, this may not necessarily be true. Each cushion is designed to target different areas as they are made with different shapes and levels of thickness. It is important to choose a cushion that’s comfortable for you.

Try Different Shapes & Sizes

There are a variety of shapes and sizes to choose from such as donut cushions and U-shaped cut-out areas. As each type of cushion helps to relieve different pressure on the spine, it is a good idea to try different shapes to determine which is best for your needs.

Use The Cushion Everywhere

Coccyx cushions are designed for use wherever you go so don’t assume that you can only use them at home. They can be used at work, in the car and any other location where seating for long periods is required.

Use A Chair With A Back

A chair with a back naturally elevates your hips to help with your body posture. When used with a coccyx cushion, this will help to provide extra support. In addition, it is best to not use it with another cushion as this will result in you sitting unevenly.

Use Ice Packs

For additional treatment, you can sit on coccyx cushions with an ice pack. By wrapping the ice pack in a towel, you can place it on both sides of the cut-out area.

All of our coccyx cushions are supplied with a convenient travel case and a washable cover so you can ensure it remains clean. You can also watch a series of videos demonstrating each of our cushions on the product pages or by clicking here.

For our full range of coccyx cushions, please click here.

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