If there’s a cushion that provides you with the ultimate comfort and support you need for your lower back, it’s a coccyx cushion. A fantastic option for seating, coccyx cushions are specially designed for pressure relief when sitting for longer periods of time. However, to make the most of these cushions, they need to be used correctly. So to find out why they can be a worthwhile tool for you, read the following benefits!

Pain Relief
Perhaps the most obvious clinical benefit of a coccyx cushion is the fact that it provides pain relief for the lower back and coccyx area. This can be a particularly delicate and sensitive area when sitting for long periods and the cushions are designed to reduce the pressure on the base of the spine.

Gentle Support
Due to the careful design of the coccyx cushion, the high quality foam provides your lower spine with gentle support. Fixing your tailbone in a more comfortable position, the cushions will help to gently push the pelvis slightly forward.

Improvement Of Posture
When sitting for long periods of time, it’s easy to slouch in a lazy manner. However to prevent this from happening, a coccyx cushion will help to slightly elevate your pelvis and keep your spine in a more upright position.

Cut-Out Design
This special feature of a coccyx cushion makes it different from all others as the cut-out area ensures it will relieve pressure from the target area. It is best to use a coccyx cushion on its own to prevent you from sitting unevenly.

Don’t assume that you can only use coccyx cushions at home as they can be taken anywhere you go. They can be used at work, in the car and any other location where seating for long periods is required.

Different Shapes & Sizes
As each type of cushion helps to relieve different pressure on the spine, it is a good idea to try different shapes to determine which is best for your needs. So another great benefit of the coccyx cushion is that you have varied selection including donut cushions and U-shaped cut-out areas.

All of our coccyx cushions are supplied with a convenient travel case and a washable cover so you can ensure it remains clean. You can also watch a series of videos demonstrating each of our cushions on the product pages or by clicking here.

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