More and more, neck pain is becoming a widespread issue that requires a serious solution.

Long days in front of a computer, bad posture and unnatural neck-to-phone-screen positioning has put our neck muscles, nerves, ligaments and even our spine through hell. But how do we tackle aches and pains associated with a sedentary lifestyle? Cosyco believe that part of the remedy lies in the cervical neck cushion.

What Is A Cervical Neck Pillow?

A Cervical Pillow - "cevical" derived from the Latin wordcervic which means "neck" - is a type of sleeping aid designed specifically to support the neck and all the connective elements between the spine and the head. Whereas most pillows are marketed as being comfy, soft and supportive of the head, many of these products neglect the neck and therefore forget about the importance of positioning and cushioning the spine.

However, this is really only really the verybroad strokes associated with why you need a neck pillow. To help you out, Cosyco will guide you through the very best reasons why you need to own a cervical pillow today...

#1. Loosens Muscular Tension

Cervical cushions create a more perfect corporal lying position by helping the spine find the most beneficial way of sleeping and therefore alleviating tensions in surrounding muscles.

#2. It helps with snoring and sleep apnea sufferers.

Cervical pillows allow you to safely and comfortably sleep on your side - more on this later - which is much better for sleep apnea sufferers and those who snore. The pillow works by keeping the head from moving too far forward or backwards while you're sleeping which allows you to breathe normally, in turn helping with these chronic sleeping conditions.

#3. Supports The Cervical Curve

These orthopaedic pillows support your neck's natural curvature, which helps in maintaining a healthy cervical spine, allowing all the ligaments and muscles to extend and relax in a normal position.

#4. Suits Side Sleepers

Side sleepers rejoice! For your average sleeper, sleeping on your side is far less preferable than other positions, encouraging arm and leg numbness and even muscle and nerve discomfort. However, with the aid of a cervical pillow you can prevent abnormal neck flexion and sidestep a lot of the risks associated with sleeping on your side with a generic bed pillow.

#5. You'll Wake Up Feeling Rested

Whether you're a sleep apnea sufferer, a persistent snorer, or you constantly wake up to neck stiffness and aching muscles, purchasing a Cervical Pillow could be a fast-track to a more painless night's sleep. So what are you waiting for? Find an Orthopaedic pillow to suit your needs on Cosyco...

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