The moment we see our first line or permanent wrinkle, it seems that many of us start to fanatically search for the magic treatment that will stall the aging process.

Although there's no "cure" for staying young, there is a very simple change you can make to your everyday routine to help slow down the aging process, achieve glowing skin and even reduce wrinkles. No, we're not talking about a cream or beauty treatment, we’re talking about changing your pillow.

During the night many of us toss and turn, laying on our side or front which causes our faces to be pushed up against the fabric of our pillows and simply push and pull at our faces causing fine lines and wrinkles to appear more quickly. Of course you can attempt to lay on your back like some celebrities claim to do night after night, but if you are a natural side sleeper, then you need to be in a comfortable position so you can get a good quality nights sleep. So what is the solution? It may just be the anti-wrinkle pillow. From silk pillow cases to pillows actually specially formed to prevent wrinkles, anti-wrinkle pillows are flying off the shelves but do anti-wrinkle pillows work?

Designed to help reduce the pressure on the face while you sleep, anti-wrinkle pillows allow you to sleep without your face touching the pillow. These range from those that encourage you to sleep on your back to those that feature cut-aways so you can sleep on your side leaving your face exposed. Our anti-wrinkle pillow has the added benefits of being made from a hypo-allergenic material with micro bacterial properties so it is kinder on your skin. The stretch cotton fabric doesn’t absorb creams and lotions that may have been put on the face before bed so that these can work to their full effect. As an added bonus, the openings on our pillow help reduce acne, as dirt doesn’t rub off the pillow and onto the skin which can clog pores.

So over-all the benefits of anti-wrinkle pillows will help reduce the look of wrinkles. However, to see if they really work, you’ll have to simply try it out yourself.

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