It seems that no one can let go of their phones these days and if you’re one of those people who simply can’t be without it even when sleeping, we’ve got some great ideas to put your phone to good use! Sleep is crucial for your body and brain, but unfortunately many people do not manage to gain the recommended 7 hours of sleep a night. So to help you track your sleep progress, there are a number of smartphone apps which you can use beside you when you fall asleep. What’s more, the apps not only monitor how many hours sleep you’re getting, but also help you to understand what might be preventing you from a good night’s rest.


5. Sleep Better
This simple sleep app provides both a smart alarm and a snooze interval with colourful sleep statistic graphs which are easy to read. It also comes with a dream journal section so you can research what your dreams might symbolise. Once you have upgraded the app, you will also have more custom alarm options. However the best feature of the free version is that it records indications that might be affecting your sleep, such as stress.

4. Pillow
Designed with an attractive purple colour scheme, Pillow is a simple, free sleep app for iPhone users. It has the ability to record both your motion and sound and offers extensive alarm ringtone options to get you up in the morning.

3. Smart Alarm Clock
Offering a library of music, ringtones and multiple modes for motion tracking, this sleep app is easy to use and an excellent option for any phone. There is also a test mode so you can ensure your phone is in the right position and the smart alarm window can also be personalised.

2. MotionX 24/7
Providing more than just a sleep tracker, MotionX 24/7 also comes with a pedometer and a heart-rate monitor. The sleep app allows you to set targets for the number of hours you aim to sleep for and the number of steps you aim to take each day.

1. Sleepbot
The Sleepbot app is designed with components such as a motion tracker, a sound recorder and a smart alarm. Incredibly easy to use, the sleep app will give you an accurate indication of what may be disturbing your sleep at night-time.

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It goes without saying that sleep is exceptionally important for your overall well-being and health. Combining these apps and a comfortable sleeping environment, your quality of sleep is sure to improve!

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