Science knows very little about why we sleep, yet most of us see it as a pretty mundane and unchanging activity. With the app market now in full swing, inventors and entrepreneurs are all trying to revolutionise the way we rest and rejuvenate. Although CosyCo’s quality memory foam mattresses have been redefining a good night’s sleep for 35 years, in this blog we wanted to shine a spotlight on 5 recent inventions that could change sleep forever:


#1. The Fitbit Alta HR Wearable

If you’re not familiar with the Fitbit, it’s a wrist-worn electronic fitness aid that measures everything from heart rate to calorie intake. It’s a method of reaching a healthier lifestyle that until recently only existed in sci-fi novels and TV shows.

The latest model, the Alta HR, puts a particular focus on measuring and improving sleep. According to its debut article in Forbes, the new Sleep Stages and Sleep Insight features will deliver “a new advance in sleep tracking tech”. It estimates how long you spend in light, deep and REM sleep, and then provides personal guidance on how to improve your sleep in the future.

#2. Kokoon Sleep Sensing Headphones

For many, even the slightest noise can be a major distraction when trying to get to sleep. Noise cancelling headphones are commonplace, but virtually all of them are too uncomfortable to sleep in. Enter Kokoon.

These headphones feature natural fabrics and a design that moulds to your head for a comfy sleep. Furthermore, they create a “sleep sanctuary” by playing an audio feed to relax you, and use EEG sensors to adapt to the environment, slowly quietening as you drift off.

#3. Panasonic Sleepwise

The sleeping app-market has awoken, and now it's any company’s game! At last month’s SXSW festival, electronics giant Panasonic revealed their own sleep-improving product. A wearable device clips onto your night clothes or pillow, and then begins to track your body temperature and movements. Once it collects data, Sleepwise will adjust the smart-devices in your home to create the ultimate sleep environment.

#4. Yoga and Meditation Sleep Classes

Although they may not be an invention in the strictest sense, the boom in fitness classes targeting sleep cannot be ignored. The London based Frame’s yoga and meditation programme, for example, features extended savasanas and moves designed to help you drift off. Likewise, the selection of soothing sequences and calming breathing exercises from Triyoga’ will “sleep-proof” your day in a way you never thought possible.

#5. Snoo, the Electronic Bassinette

One of the biggest causes of exhaustion in new parents is, unsurprisingly, when their newborn is restless. One pediatrician saw this as a major health epidemic, and pioneered a self-rocking crib called Snoo. It features three built-in microphones that detect when the baby begins to cry, causing the crib to pick up speed to calm them down. It’s also designed to play soft-soothing sounds, such as light rain or a mother’s womb.

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