We all know that feeling of despair and limited knowledge when it comes to searching for a new mattress. After the moment you accept you need a new one, you are then faced with a minefield of different mattresses to choose from. Perhaps you just want an updated version of the one you already have, or a complete alternative but don’t know where to start. Here at CosyCo, we are dedicated to ensuring you select the right mattress for you without losing sleep on where to begin your search!

Although mattresses may look the same, their difference in type is quite substantial. It is important to consider what kind of mattress you feel more comfortable with, whether this is a softer or a firmer touch.

Size Matters
Although beds do not have standard dimensions, they may still have the same name, for example ‘king size’. However, this does not mean the mattress and the base will be the same. If you share a bed with a partner and have the capacity in your home, we would recommend purchasing the largest mattress possible for more personal sleeping space. This is because two people sharing a double sized bed will only have as much sleeping space as a baby in a cot!

Try Before You Buy
If and when possible, it is recommended to try the mattress before buying. This will mean sitting and lying on different mattresses to identify which type is right for you. One way of testing whether a mattress is too hard or too soft, is by placing a set of keys behind your back when lying on a mattress. You shouldn’t be able to feel them, which establishes if it is the right bed for you.

Memory FoamHere at CosyCo, our premium memory foam mattresses provide a luxurious night’s sleep for anyone while also relieving any aches and pains you may suffer from. In contrast to ordinary mattresses, memory foam has the ability to mould to your body’s shape and pressure while still being strong enough to support it. Memory foam also boasts a whole range of benefits for the body which you can find in our previous blog ‘The Benefits Of Using A Memory Foam Mattress’.

Image of Original CosyCo Memory Foam Mattress

Orthopaedic Mattress
An orthopaedic mattress differs to a memory foam mattress due to its unusual shape and design. It consists of two layers: CosyCo special foam and thicker supporting foam. The benefit of this kind of mattress is that it provides you with all round comfort.

Image of Ripple Orthopaedic Mattress

If you’re looking for a temporary or cheaper alternative to buying a new mattress, you can always try a mattress topper from our excellent range. Remember that on average a person will spend a third of every day on their mattress, therefore it is essential you choose the right mattress for you.

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