Odds are you'd be able to identify a memory foam mattress if you saw one - but do you know how it works?

That squishy, responsive, smart material has often been associated with great sleep and brilliant comfort, but if you've ever wondered what makes memory foam a must-have mattress material for your bed frame, then Cosyco what let you in on all the secrets you've been dying to know!

What Is Memory Foam?

Developed in the mid sixties, memory foam was made for NASA's aircraft cushions out of an energy responsive material called viscoelastic.

Memory foam reacts to the pressure and heat, sculpting to the weight of your body shape and springing back once the pressure has been alleviated.

Nowadays the comfortable and intelligent molding characteristics make memory foam ideal for pillows to mattresses and more.

What's So Special About Memory Foam?

What's great about memory foam is its ability to creates a comfortable and unique shape for your body to sink into. The problem we often face with conventional mattresses is that last of overall support of the body as well as the various pressure points we tend to lie on.

The skeleton consists of hard pointed areas such as the elbows and hips which can become uncomfortable to lie on after long periods - body parts such as the back can also suffer from a lack of correct support. Memory foam cushions your entire body, offering supple assistance, wrapping around you for far better, more individual support.

Whereas s spring mattresses rely on a large weighted area to make an impact on its cushioning shape, a memory foam mattress responds to a more subtle change in pressure . The memory foam design is really determined by the viscoelastic material used - a hybrid of viscous and elastic - meaning it changes shape when a significant force is applied, eventually returning to its original shape when compression is removed. The foam is also sensitive to temperature making it perfect for using with the human body.

Why Is Memory Foam Good For You?

#1. You may have a few hundred springs beneath you on a good conventional mattress but memory foam is almost like having several million tiny springs working in harmony to accommodate your body.

#2. Movement during sleep can exacerbate pressure point issues on a conventional mattress whereas memory allows you to have a far better night's sleep thank to the fluid-like response on your body.

#3. Memory foam feels customised, personalised and shaped to fit your body

#4. Are you a light sleeper? Unlike spring mattresses, moving around on a memory foam mattress doesn't affect your partner, leaving them completely undisturbed while they sleep.

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