Although acid reflux is a common problem and a top search query on the internet, it is actually not as simple to spot as you think. It is a disease produced by the stomach but symptoms are not always easy to identify and treat and if left untreated, heartburn can lead to more serious health issues. Acid reflux is something that many people suffer with, including the likes of Barack Obama, so some further information on the condition will help with diagnosis. So to provide you with more knowledge about the causes and symptoms of acid reflux, we’ve come up with this useful guide.

Heartburn, GERD & Acid Reflux
To put it simply, acid reflux is a burning pain or discomfort in your chest or throat that is produced in the stomach. It is caused by the acid from your stomach that can move up into the oesophagus and may leave an acidic taste in your mouth. Although acid reflux is a common medical condition, it is not always a serious one. The words GERD, acid reflux and heartburn are used in conjunction with each other but it is GERD that is the more severe form of acid reflux while heartburn is a symptom of both of them.

Memory Foam Acid Reflux Wedge Pillow

A sore throat, chest pain and a cough can all be symptoms linked to acid reflux. It is a condition that is associated with many respiratory issues such as asthma and coughing which can be triggered by stomach acids. It is unclear why heartburn and asthma are interlinked, but a simple pH test may help to diagnose the issue. In addition, a burning sensation after eating or lying down, a bitter taste in the mouth and difficulty swallowing may also be suggestive of acid reflux. This can be your body’s way of trying to remove an irritant. However for some, less obvious symptoms such as nausea may be the only way of telling if you have acid reflux. This tends to happen after eating meals but can be treated with medicine to reduce your discomfort.


The main symptom of acid reflux is heartburn and this can be treated in a number of ways such as managing your diet and lifestyle differently. Losing weight, stopping smoking and eating less fatty foods are all an effective way of reducing the symptoms of acid reflux. Occasional heartburn can be treated with medication such as antacids, however it is best to have this monitored by a doctor. In terms of comfort and resting, a wedge pillow may be the perfect solution to reduce acid reflux whilst sitting up or lying down. A wedge pillow works by elevating the upper body into a suitable position in order to reduce the likelihood of acid reflux. Formed with a foam base layer, this helps the wedge to maintain its shape whilst remaining at a comfortable angle for the user.

Acid reflux may be surprisingly common but recognising the symptoms are important to reducing the likelihood of it occurring. Here at CosyCo we may not be medical experts, but we recognise the symptoms and discomfort of reflux and aim to supply you with high quality products to help treat it.

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