While they are many triggers of lower back pain, your symptoms may be easier to recover than you may realise. Depending on the severity of your condition, there are ways in which you can ease lower back pain at home without having to use a medical approach. Often improving with time, lower back pain is a condition that is better to be treated without the use of injections or laser therapy and requires a little bit of patience for improvement. In this blog, we have outlined a few ways of treating lower back pain without the use of medicine.

Keep Active
In contrast to the common assumption that it is important to ‘rest’ from a bad back, it is actually better to keep your body moving to aid recovery. Whether it’s walking to the shop or around the garden, by keeping your body active it is more likely to distract you from the pain.

Change Your Sleeping Position

This is a really simple way of improving your sleeping position with minimal effort. Taking the strain off your back, you should change your position so that you’re sleeping differently to what you were before whether this is on your side or on your back.

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Some common causes of lower back pain are actually related to lack of exercise and an unhealthy lifestyle. This may range from being overweight, poor posture and stress which can all affect the strain on your back. Regular exercise is important for keeping your back strong and healthy.

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Stay Positive
Although it may be difficult if you’re in pain, being able to relax is important for allowing your body to ease the pain. Tensing your muscles caused from worry and stress may make things worse. In addition, staying positive will improve your mood and tolerance of the pain.

Use A Support Pillow
A support pillow provides a great way of keeping your body comfortable and supported when you are trying to relax while sitting in bed. Elevating your body slightly to ease pain, support pillows provide gentle cushioning for different parts of the body.

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Treating lower back pain doesn’t have to be a stressful condition for you if you take simple steps into improving your recovery. While everyone’s needs and preferences may be different, lower back pain should only be a temporary condition. However if you are still concerned, you should contact your doctor.

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