If you suffer from acid reflux you will know that it can cause a certain amount of discomfort that isn’t always easy to treat. A common disease produced by the stomach, acid reflux is something that many people suffer with and recognising the symptoms is essential for treatment. If left untreated, heartburn can lead to more serious health issues, but rest can be assured that making diet and lifestyle changes may be all you need to do!


Be Careful With Drinks
There are some beverages that are more likely to trigger heartburn or make the discomfort worse and it is worth avoiding these to help ease the condition. These include tea, coffee, alcohol, carbonated drinks and others that contain caffeine. Although it is not necessary to completely avoid them, it is beneficial to drink them in smaller amounts.

Take Care With Spice
Although it is difficult to avoid certain foods which may cause discomfort, it is worth taking note of the following which have been known to affect acid reflux. These include tomato based products, citrus fruits, chocolate, mint and fatty or spicy foods such as chilli or curry.

Quit Smoking
As you may already be aware, smoking increases your risk of heartburn and acid reflux in a number of ways. It may increase the acid in your stomach and therefore affect the functionality of muscles that work to reduce the amount of acid.

Reduce Reflux While Sleeping
During your sleep is an important time to help reduce acid reflux symptoms. Using a supportive pillow will help to reduce stomach’s acid production. Another tip is to avoid eating two or three hours before lying down.

If all else fails including diet and lifestyle changes, then purchasing medicine over the counter may be a helpful way of neutralising stomach acid. Antacids are a good way of providing quick relief for many people.


Acid reflux may be surprisingly common but recognising the symptoms are important to reducing the likelihood of it occurring. Here at CosyCo we may not be medical experts, but we recognise the symptoms and discomfort of reflux and aim to supply you with high quality products to help treat it.

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