For many of us the working day involves extended periods of sedentary activity, and you could be developing bad habits without even realising...

With many people currently working from home, they may not be as adequately equipped with desks and chairs as they would be at the office.  This could lead to posture issues or discomfort along the spine.  Well, here at CosyCo we have got your back - quite literally!

Here Are Our Top Tips

#1. Keep your legs uncrossed - the secret to sitting up correctly is to ensure your feet stay flat on the floor in front of you. If necessary prop your feet up on a footrest if you're experiencing discomfort.

#2. Pull your shoulder blades back - concentrate on keeping your shoulder blades pulled back and down to avoid developing rounded shoulders.

#3. Adjust the height of your monitor - your eyes need to be aligned with the top of your screen, you shouldn't have to look up or down at your monitor while you're working as this will most likely cause issues in your back and neck over time.

#4. Adjust your chair correctly - your office chair should be positioned upright to follow the natural spinal curve.

#5. Use a support pillow - have problems slouching? A lumbar support pillow attached to your office chair will keep your whole body in the correct position. See our full range of Back Support Cushions to find exactly what you're looking for to suit your lifestyle.

#6. Do the desk height test - your hands should be in a position where they hover over your keyboard, not resting on your desk.

#7. Avoid straining your neck - look out if you're constantly craning your neck to look at your screen or jamming your phone between your shoulder and chin. Keep your ears in line with your shoulders and invest in a hands free kit if you spend a long time on the phone.

#8. Take a break - sitting in the same position for long periods causes your entire body to become weaker; slowing blood flow and even thinning your bones. Taking regular and walking around when you can will active and engage your core, preventing against future back pain and posture issues.

Our Products

We have an excellent range of Office Support Cushions, Pressure Cushions and Back Support Cushions that are sure to help improve your posture and ease and pain or discomfort you may be experiencing.


We hope you have found this article useful and that you are able to find one of our fantastic products helps to improve your posture.

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