Kneeling chairs have not only reinvented the way you sit, but also reimagined how you cope with back pain and posture related issues on a daily basis.

If you've ever stepped foot in a modern office or been in the market for a new office chair, chances are you've seen a kneeling chair before and are familiar with the unique and unconventional sitting position you have to adopt to reap the benefits.

Most kneeling chairs are designed the same way - to configure the body in a forward position with the shin rests alleviating any strain from your back a and glutes while you sit, putting you in a more ergonomic position that has many advantages in the long term.

If you're not entirely sure what a kneeling chair can do for you, CosyCo have put together our top 7 benefits to help you decided whether these spine supporting seats are really for you...

#1. Constant and continual kneeling chair use strengthens your back and core over time thanks to the backrest, which forces you to sit upright. This keeps your core and back muscles engaged and working throughout the day.

#2. Kneeling chairs can be used as part of an office seating routine and you don't have to sit in one for the entire day. In fact, switching between conventional and unconventional seating can help to promote circulation, correct poor posture and ease back pain in a far more effective way than if you're slouched on a poorly or cheaply constructed office chair. You'll also find that the improved circulation leaves you feeling more energised during those lethargic periods of the day.

#3. Kneeling chairs help your breathing and digestive system. Ordinary chairs can cause slouching which could force your organs and abdomen to become squeezed together and compressed. However, the use of a kneeling chair opens the pelvis, moving it forward, which is a much more natural position for your body to adopt.

#4. Kneeling chairs improve weight distribution, positioning the body at 110 degree trunk-thigh angle compared to the standard 90 degree angle of everyday office chairs. This takes pressure away from the spine, while properly aligning your shoulders and neck in the correct way.

#5. Kneeling chairs come with adjustable features, memory foam padding and are even crafted according to purpose. At CosyCo you can find a selection of different chairs for posture and even coccyx relief to help those who suffer from chronic pain or have recently injured the base of their spine.

Post By Ed Mason | 01752 204060